12 years today..

Yet another year has passed since you were taken away from us, and I can honestly say we all think about you every single day Bamps.Β You had such an impact on all of our lives, you were such a wonderful genuine human being, and it was a such shame that such a caring person got … Continue reading 12 years today..


It's always hard in a relationship to know what to say to your significant other, you don't want to upset your partner, you just want to be there for them, whether that's cuddling up with them making sure they're alright, giving them the courage that everhthing is going to be fine or just leaving them … Continue reading Understand

My snapshots β™₯

Another passion I have is photography, I love capturing the moment and looking back on the photographs in the future and reliving the memories... I'm a little Sky obsessed, the way the colours change, the clouds and how different it looks every single day and night amazes me. I will photograph anything that catches my … Continue reading My snapshots β™₯


We've all been heart broken right? It sucks I know, nothing anybody says seems to budge that feeling from you, you don't believe it, you start asking yourselves questions like 'what's wrong with me?' or being disheartened about your appearance or whatever it is... Every single one of you will experience heart break in your … Continue reading Love

Making my blog…

So around 8'o clock this evening I decided that I was going to make a blog! I thought it was going to be a great idea, I'd upload some pictures i'd write a little bit about myself but here we are at 2.42am still tying to get my head around this whole blogging business! I … Continue reading Making my blog…