We’ve all been heart broken right?

It sucks I know, nothing anybody says seems to budge that feeling from you, you don’t believe it, you start asking yourselves questions like ‘what’s wrong with me?’ or being disheartened about your appearance or whatever it is… Every single one of you will experience heart break in your life time at least once, it’s perfectly normal and believe it or not it will turn you into the amazing person you’re so destined to be.

I’m here to tell you it gets better, I’ve been through this and I’ve come out bigger and stronger than ever. And the secret to a happy life is no matter how harsh it sounds is to just Get over it! Now you may think wow she’s brutal, she has no emotion or feelings but to be honest with you it’s the truth. For example, tell me this… What’s better, sitting around moping about your heartbreak or going over and over scenarios obsessing over the break up, or going out and just socializing with people, letting your hair down, just enjoying yourself!  Rediscovering who you are again. Being in a relationship changes you, which I’m not saying is always a bad thing but it’s good to have those moments to yourself where you can focus on something you love, or even go and see a film you like, go and hang with your girlfriends, the possibilities are endless. Also I find that love appears in the most random moments, usually ones where you’re not even expecting to find it, and that’s what makes is so perfect. As horrible as it sounds, you need to realize that you just weren’t meant to be and there’s nothing wrong with that. Maybe the timing is just off, if you’re meant to be then without even trying your paths will cross again trust me, stop obsessing it’ll only make the pain even deeper. I’m not saying you should hold on and 10 years down the line expect you to be back together but if you truly were meant to be then you’ll be, it takes time. In the meantime like I said, go out and enjoy yourselves, do things that you want to do (and that doesn’t mean driving past your ex’s house in the middle of the night to see if they’re in – that’s a no no from me) I started living again, I learnt not to hold grudges when it came to love, or life in general, you just can’t afford to, so I recommend that you do the same! Forgive people, move on, free yourself, go on an adventure, who knows what kind of people’ll you’ll meet on the way, what kind of friendships you’ll make, just get up everyday and made your life worth living, that’s what I did. I went on spontaneous trips with my friends, I passed my driving test, I even managed to get a distinction for my second year at university which is an absolute miracle. Now, I’m as happy as I’ve ever been. I’ve got a new boyfriend, and we actually want to grow together, he’s a performer/actor like me so we have a lot in common, to be honest, he’s literally the male equivalent of me, he’s just as odd as me if not he’s even weirder, he loves all the things I love – most of them, he’s not the best painter :p –  And fingers crossed by September we will be moving to New York together, to for fill our careers at the academy and see where it leads us.

See, I told you things get better.

2 thoughts on “Love

  1. It does get better, heartbreak doesn’t last forever. Good luck with your move to November hope it all goes to plan and thanks for sharing. Check my post out when you get the chance 🙂

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