It’s always hard in a relationship to know what to say to your significant other, you don’t want to upset your partner, you just want to be there for them, whether that’s cuddling up with them making sure they’re alright, giving them the courage that everhthing is going to be fine or just leaving them to it, giving them some space to get their head around whatever it is that they’re worrying about. It’s always going to be horrible seeing your partner in such a state but I believe that it only makes the heart fonder, and your love stronger. It shows you that vulnerability that nobody else gets to see and that makes it truly special…it makes you want to make them never feel the way they did when they were at their lowest, and you’d do anything you could in order to keep them off of that path of destruction, you decided Instead to go down a new path, and you begin lead them down the road to happiness

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