The missing luggage..

This is going to be a ranty rant!!

So about a week ago my boyfriend and I flew out to New York, we got to put terminal super early, we got our bags checked in and we just had a wonder around duty free and grabbing something to eat… Upon our arrival on the plane once everyone was seated, everyone was informed that some of people’s luggage didn’t make it onto the aircraft to which we didn’t think anything of it as we checked in so early… Unfortunately, turns out when we arrived in New York it was our bags that didn’t make it onto the plane. We were gutted, we asked when they would arrive and they told us they were on the flight behind us and should be with us by midnight (delivered to our hotel) so we got on with it and continued to our hotel. When morning arrived and our bags still hadn’t I started to wonder where the heck our luggage was. It was 12pm the next day and the bags still weren’t here so I rang the number they gave me to ring incase they didn’t turn up, apparently they were due to arrive in the afternoon, we were told just to be patient and wait for them to arrive. To be honest, I was irritated as I didn’t pay all this money to go over to New York City to be sitting in my hotel room waiting for my bags, may I remind you my boyfriend and I had nothing, no change of clothes, no toiletries, nothing… And our audition was in a couple days. We waited until the afternoon still no bags, we ring up again… Only this time apparently our bags hadn’t been sent to us because… They were STILL in LONDON!!! We were informed that they were going to be on the next flight which should get them here half way through the evening, allowing them when they arrived at JFK to travel over night to our hotel… Ok ok, each time we rang up it was a different story. We were told they would arrive half way through the night so we waited up, still no bags. We rang again. Oh yeah, they’re at JFK airport! They’re being held there for 5 hours then they will be delivered to our hotel (which btw, is about 3 hours away) but will take at least 7 hours to get here. I just want to wear my own clothes. Next day came, still no luggage. We ring again, it’s on it’s way, it’s now the night before our interview/audition. We’re worried, everything we need is in our luggage, so we ring up again and inform them that it’s super important that they come in the morning because our interview is at 12, the ensured us that the bags will arrive at 8am in the morning for definet. 8.15 arrives… Still no sign of the luggage. We are now panicking we ring straight away and apparently the bags now won’t arrive until 12pm that day, which was too late. We then had to go out of our way to buy new clothes out of our limited money we had (not to spend on clothes) a very stressful morning before the interview is not what you need. Anyways, we went to the audition, I think it went well… Considering the amount of stress I was under about my luggage etc.  Time will soon tell, I suppose. Anyway it’s about 1.30/1.45 in the afternoon and we go to the reception expecting our bags to be there but NOPE, still no sign of the bags. It’s been 3/4 days now without our luggage and we’re only here for 6. I am so frustrated. We wait, and we wait and we wait, come 9pm the bags finally decided to show up. To be fair this has really disrupted my holiday away and has been a really big inconvenience but we really have tried to not let it bother us because at the end of the day we’re in New York but we really could have done without this disruption as we had our audition, we didn’t need any additional stress. On a positive note, New York is beautiful! I hope nobody else has to experience this kind of thing, it’s truly horrible.

Peace and love everyone,

Love a very frustrated Laurie X


I’m finally here in NYC! 

I’ve been a bit slack with my blogs lately because I’ve been exploring NEW YORK CITY! For the past week or so I’ve been living it up in Manhattan with my boyfriend, experiencing the shops, nightlife, general day to day life, oh! aswell as being a tourist for a bit, we had to, it was our first time here!! We’ve been to see the sites, the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, 9/11 memorial site, there’s so many things to do and see!! We’ve been non-stop, super busy! But loved every minute of it! We absolutely love it out here!! The main reasoning for us coming out here was to attend an audition we got offered months before hand, now we’re finally over and ready to go!! We’re super excited to see how that goes, I’m going to wrap this up now because I need to go out and he a Dunkin’ donut! Haha.. But If you ever get a chance to visit New York City I do recommend, it’s a whole other world!! And everyone is so friendly, all the people I’ve met anyway! – start saving now, for a trip in a few years time, there’s so much to do out here like I said! I love New York!!!

Peace and love

Laurie X

Oh Sh*t

Ohhhhhh sh*t!!!!

I officially hate technology!!!!

So as you all know I’m heading to New York in a couple of weeks, sooooooo… I thought I’d empty up my phone memory so that when I go to New York I’ll have plenty of room to take pictures etc, so to start with, I’ve just waited 2 whole hours for my photographs/videos to transfer onto my laptop, some of which would not upload onto my laptop for various coding reasons (I have no idea) so I just pressed skip and got on with it anyway, they’re all finally on the laptop, it says completed so I then unplug the phone and slowly make my way through the photos selecting them all ready to delete them, because apparently you have to select them individually you can’t just select all when you want to delete them :)… (sarcastic smile). Hours later I finally get to the bottom of my 9,000 odd photographs and I press delete, this takes a while (understandable it’s deleting a lot of photos)… I then go onto my laptop to search through the photos to organise into folders only to find that my phone only transferred 2,700 photos…


I’ve lost at least 7,000 of my photos from the past 3 years, I’m soooooo angry right now, and I think you can understand why I hate technology so much at this moment in time.

I’ve been frantically searching through my laptop, thinking and praying to myself maybe they saved in a different area, maybe they’re in downloads… but nope.

They’re gone. Gone forever *sigh*

I am so… eugh.

I hate technology tonight, I really do.

Yours angrily,

Laurie x



As well as being accepted to fly out to New York to audition I’ve just received my grades back from my 2nd year course (diploma) and I got a… *drumroll please* dulunundubulununumununnnn…


All my hard work has paid off and I am one step closer to achieving my dream! I am so chuffed with myself, achieving distinction in 16 different units within and I can happily say I will be celebrating tonight!
On a not so positive note, we just came back to my boyfriends house to find out his results and the little devil (Buster) has eaten his results!! There is scraps of paper scattered all around the place and a very guilty looking puppy sat in the hallway.. He’s so cute though I can’t stay mad at him, I’m currently cuddling up with him on the sofa while my boyfriend is absolutely fuming sat on a different chair eyeballing haha..

Not such a good day for the boyf…

No way no way no way!

I cannot believe it. I’ve done it. I’ve actually done it. I’ve managed to bag myself an audition in Newyork for in 2 weeks time!! I’ve booked and orginised everything, flights, accommodation, transfers etc etc and I’ll be flying out there in 13 days!! 13 days!!  I’m super excited and nervous at the same time, I’ve manically been searching the web for the perfect monologues that suit me, it’s harder than it looks actually, so far , I’m only managing to find lovey dovey stuff but I want something more gripping, something serious, something dark or maybe something that’ll give them a little chuckle, show them a lil’ bit of my personality, I reckon that’d be the right choice for me! What d’ya reckon??? Eeeee I just can’t believe it, don’t get me wrong booking it all was stressful and gathering up the money was hard but it’ll be worth it! Phew! I’m staying in a delux studio aswell which is pretty snazzy if I do say so myself, hoping this experience will give me a little taste of what my life could be like!.. Onwards and upwards, New York here I come.. wish me luck! 🗽🇺🇸

Taraaaaaa! X