Oh Sh*t

Ohhhhhh sh*t!!!!

I officially hate technology!!!!

So as you all know I’m heading to New York in a couple of weeks, sooooooo… I thought I’d empty up my phone memory so that when I go to New York I’ll have plenty of room to take pictures etc, so to start with, I’ve just waited 2 whole hours for my photographs/videos to transfer onto my laptop, some of which would not upload onto my laptop for various coding reasons (I have no idea) so I just pressed skip and got on with it anyway, they’re all finally on the laptop, it says completed so I then unplug the phone and slowly make my way through the photos selecting them all ready to delete them, because apparently you have to select them individually you can’t just select all when you want to delete them :)… (sarcastic smile). Hours later I finally get to the bottom of my 9,000 odd photographs and I press delete, this takes a while (understandable it’s deleting a lot of photos)… I then go onto my laptop to search through the photos to organise into folders only to find that my phone only transferred 2,700 photos…


I’ve lost at least 7,000 of my photos from the past 3 years, I’m soooooo angry right now, and I think you can understand why I hate technology so much at this moment in time.

I’ve been frantically searching through my laptop, thinking and praying to myself maybe they saved in a different area, maybe they’re in downloads… but nope.

They’re gone.ย Gone forever *sigh*

I am so… eugh.

I hate technology tonight, I really do.

Yours angrily,

Laurie x


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