As some of you may know around 2 a weeks ago I went to New York for an audition id been invited to by New York film academy.. So today I open up my emails…


I BLOODY DID IT!!! I got accepted and I will be moving out to New York for 2 years! Words cannot describe how happy I am, I am so overwhelmed by everyone’s kind words and support! It’s truly such an eye opener, and now I am finally starting to believe in myself a bit more! I can do this, this just proves it! All the people that told me this wasn’t a real career and that I should give up, and study something else… well look who’s laughing now! I did it!

As well as being accepted to the academy I got put on the talent agency list!!

Truly I am so greatful and proud of myself with sticking with it, there were so many times where I wanted to give up, but luckily I talked myself out of it! I’m so glad I kept it up now!

Anyways, I best be off.. I’ve got some celebrating to do!!

New York!!! Here I come baby!!! ❀️

Lots of love and happiness

Laurie X

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