Guess who’s back?!Β 

Hi all!

Long time no speak right? That’s my bad I apologise, I moved. As many of you know if you’d read some of my previous posts last year I’d applied to study in New York City at the film academy, and I got the audition!!! (Woo yay), but there were a few funding issues. However I managed to pull a few strings and managed to get myself out here, which is where I have been living for the past 6 months or so. – Which is why I’ve been unable to blog, pretty naf excuse I know but I’ve been pretty bombarded with school work, and shooting! But I’ve decided I’m going to try my absolute best to get on top of my blogging again, and this will become a whole lot easier once I’ve got my new laptop which I should be picking up next week – so that’s exciting!

Anyways… I thought I’d just do a quick little post updating you all on what’s been happening and how I’m finding my new life in New York! And a few of my particular favourite things I’ve done or come across while living in the city.
For starters…

I absolutely love it out here!!!!

There is such a sense of freedom that I’ve never experienced anywhere else in the world, now I don’t know if that’s because I literally packed up my bags and moved to the other side of the world on my own so I feel a little like a bad ass or.. maybe it’s just the city! There is so much creativity over here and so many people love the arts! I rarely hear anything negative which I have experienced back home when talking about the arts.
Also last month I moved from manhattan to Brooklyn heights and oh emmmm gee!!!! I love it over here even more than I loved manhattan! I think it’s because back home I practically live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees and fields and so much nature, and Brooklyn heights has a little bit or nature which I love. Every weekend I try and take myself for a little walk and go for an adventure, it reminds me of those long days I would pick up my dog and take her for a 4/5 journey through many fields and both myself and my pup would love it! It’s a little less work orientated here which means I actually feel relaxed whereas when I was in manhattan I was constantly on the go, I couldn’t really sleep because I was hearing police cars etc which used to make me feel so so homesick and the peace and quiet. It’s a lot more chilled over here over in Brooklyn, and some of the views from the promenade overlooking the city are absolutely breath taking. I am so lucky.
I love that you’re never really alone in the city, it could be 3am on a Tuesday evening – when I finish shooting for a film up in Times Square and there would still be hundreds and hundreds of people around. Surprisingly I feel very safe in the city, which before coming here I did not think was possible after all of the programs like CSI I’d watched.. haha I guess that was my own fault judging this place before experiencing it for myself! But now I know haha. I feel like it’s one of the safest places in the world, and the majority of people you meet are lovely. Even the “do you wanna go see the Statue of Liberty” guys.. haha yes you know the ones.

Anyway this was just a quick little hey to let you all know that I’ll be back in action very soon! I’ve missed you guys.
Warm hugs,
Laurie x

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