Some pretty exciting news..

Hey my lovelies!! ♥

I hope you’re all wrapping yourselves up warm and preparing yourself for the winter, yes it’s coming!! Theres no denying that, Ohhh goodbye summer, heeeeellooooo winter!


Okay so this post is going to be dedicated to something I’m really excited about that I thought I might share with you guys. So as you all know I’m not living in the UK anymore I’m in New York, and I’m studying acting for film at the film academy. So far it’s been incredible, and I’ve met some truly wonderful people, and maybe even some lifelong friends. Now, I’ve been biting my tongue for so long about this now but I can’t keep it in any longer!! So a handful of my classmates and I have decided to start our own small production company, which we will be creating and performing our own material, and various other things. Even though we’re all completely swamped with school work we wanted to all get together and try and create something special. I’m letting you know this because it’s our first official filming date tomorrow where we will be acting out some of our material we’ve already written out. Our location has been confirmed which is an absolute bonus!! Once we’ve got all our footage together and we’ve edited it all (yes we’re doing it ourselves 😮 ) we will be uploading our footage onto youtube – we are making a channel where you’ll be able to find all of our previous and upcoming videos. We call our group ‘The Ruffians’ Okay now I know you probably think that’s a strange name but we have a story behind the name haha. But right now I cannot reveal that – Hint: there may be a future video explaining everything! Like I said myself and the rest of my team are all super excited for the future!! With all of our talent within the group and dedication and most importantly our friendship I think we’re about to discover something truly beautiful, and go on a wonderful journey together! If people wanna know the link I will post it in a next blog once we have uploaded our first video!! We can’t wait! Eeeeeee!

Not only are we launching this week we also have prepared a ‘Halloween special’ for you all, as it is the season of haunting spooky things! 😛

I’ll keep you posted! Keep your eyes peeled for the link!!!





Warm hugs,


Laurie loo x

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