My new little Autumn gem!

Hello my loves! ♥♥♥♥♥ 

Happy November 1st!! Woahh seriously, where has the time gone, this year has just flown by!! 

I just wanted to get a few things off of my chest before I continue this post which is ultimately about this amazing hidden gem I’ve come across, just in time for winter! 
To begin with, I am okay! For those of you that know I live in NYC right now and after yesterdays tragic events I just wanted to ensure you that I’m alright. My school (the New York film academy) was unfortunately right outside where the incident took place so as you can imagine it was all a little surreal for all of us. I’ve never really been put in that kind of position before, real danger. As soon as I heard something was happening I had such an awful feeling in my gut, I rushed back into the school building. If I’m completely honest I was terrified, I’ve never seen so many police/fbi/ helicopters in my life. My heart really does go out to those who were affected by yesterdays horrendous attacks. We cannot live in fear, we cannot let things like this stop us from living the lives we are destined to live. After yesterdays events it made me realise that woah, that could have been me. My life could have tragically been taken away as those who sadly were taken yesterday. You have to be able to live your life to it’s full potential and not worry about things.  Everyone stay safe out there,  stay vigilant, but don’t live in fear. We’re stronger together. Help those around you and most importantly spread the love.  

Okay so now I’ve gotten that off of my chest I wanted to talk to you all about this new beauty I have come across and find myself using constantly! As you know we’re getting deeper and deeper into autumn now and soon it’ll be winter! This little gem is going to help me make these colder days more bearable! My saviour is called Dragon balm!



This product not only smell amaaazzzzing but it also does it’s job!! This particular product is designed to relax, sooth and calm you or the areas you apply the balm. Now I have the red dragon balm which is the relaxer one. I believe they have many different variations of the product that do different things, I’m still yet to try those out! I am so grateful to have come across this product when I did, as you can see from the beginning of my post I have been rather stressed lately not only with School work but now especially after yesterday I’m a little shaken up and stressed.

This product is working an absolute charm on me. Dragon balm smells absolutely incredible, it’s like this minty smell almost like olbus oil – which I love too! It really gives you a sense of calmness and it’s also super easy to apply. It feels smooth and silky when applying to the skin. You can use this product to help sooth any muscle pains you might have, all you do is gently apply a thin layer of the product to the area that needs treatment (you can apply this up to 3 times a day). I read an article where it said that some people use this old Chinese medicine to help sooth their arthritis which intrigued me. I tried this product for the first time about a week ago as for me personally when it gets colder my joints and my calves tend to get a little sore due to the cold weather, and to my amazement just 10 minutes after I applied the product I noticed an instant soothing feeling, my calves weren’t nearly as painful and sore as before I applied the balm. At first there was a cool tingling sensation but something about it was quite nice, it felt a little strange at first but as the product sank into my skin, I was surprisingly impressed. I was a little skeptical at first about this product as my mum recommended it to me and she’s a bit of a hippy in a sense when it comes to old fashioned remedies and energy, but honestly it was just wow. It wasn’t tacky at all like I had anticipated I know that when I’ve used thinks like vix / and vapour rub it’s left me feeling all sticky and tacky and who likes to feel like that?! But this product is great it just seeps right into your skin leaving no real trace of you putting the product on it the first place, and it leaves you smelling minty fresh, how Devine.

Even the packaging itself I find pretty cute, it’s pretty basic but very appealing to the eye. It’s small, fits perfectly in your bag when you’re on the move. I find myself taking it everywhere for a quick little fix throughout the day! I picked up the 20g size, I believe that have other sizes too but I think for me the 20g is just perfect.

I believe you can pick up this incredible product  (if you’re in the U.S) in your local CVS pharmacy stores and if you’re not residing in the US you can even online on amazon! I think online the packaging might be a little different so just make sure you do your research before you purchase! Like I said they have different balms for different things! My mum sent me over to me in the mail so I’m not quite sure where she purchased it but she’s in the U.K so it mustn’t be that hard to find! 

Also in the evenings I’ve found it to be very useful for getting to sleep, I guess it’s something about the scent that calms me but I’ve been managing to get to sleep a whole lot easier when using this balm, just a little blob of it on my wrists before I go to sleep (ensuring I don’t get it in my eyes, ouch that would be very painful!) If I were to rate this product I’d probably give it a strong 9/10 purely because of it’s effectiveness to what the label says it does – I’m still pretty blown back with how well it worked. I’m very often let down by products because they never seem to do what they say on the packet, but this red dragon balm really does the trick. Has anyone else used this product before, if so was it as affective for you as it was for me? I loved it!!

Don’t you just love Autumn, because I do! Seeing all the wonderful new products in the stores getting ready for the Christmas line up,  people whacking out their fluffy bobble hats and warm puffy jackets. Seeing all of the beautiful colours in the streets, the trees, the leaves the minute you step outside. That first breath of the freshest crisp air while taking a walk in the park, These are a few reasons why autumn is my favourite season.

How’re you all settling into the colder weather? Have you found any new autumn must haves? Let me know, I’d love to hear! 


Warm hugs, 

Laurie loo x 






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