My first thanksgiving 🙏🏼 🦃

Hello all!!

For starters being from the UK we don’t really celebrate thanksgiving so being in New York City for the world famous turkey day was an interesting experience!

After speaking to a lot of my new American friends I began to come to the conclusion that America’s thanksgiving is pretty much my equivalent to Christmas. I asked all my friends what’s so special about it and they told me it was a time for friends and family to all get together and celebrate together (and eat a shit tone of food) haha who wouldn’t love that! Obviously got me it was a little different, Being in a completely different country away from my family and friends I was unable to celebrate my thanksgiving in the traditional way. I found that being away from my family around this time was a whole lot harder than I originally expected up until this point I’ve been fine about being over in NYC alone but because of this particular holiday everybody in my building went home to see their families and all my new friends too so I was pretty much alone for thanksgiving which was a bit of a bummer. However for my thanksgiving eve I suppose you can call it I went to my school and celebrated with my closest classmates and we all shared a meal together and spoke abou all that we were thankful for. It’s wonderful hearing all that everyone’s had to say. Everyone being from different backgrounds, different cultures and all coming together to celebrate thanksgiving was a truly heartwarming experience. We all came together held hands and prayed before eating, the conversation of the evening was so lovely and friendly and made me feel a whole lot better about being so far away from my family as I do consider these guys my second family now. Although my actual thanksgiving I spent alone, the night before I found truly incredible and I really enjoyed myself. I am so greatful for everyone I have met on my new chapter over in NYC, people that work so hard and are just as dedicated as me. We all have a dream and we are all pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones to achieve that. I think we are all super brave and I love each and every person in my classes. I pray that you achieve all your dreams and goals you set yourself in life, we’ve all made the first initial leap into them, and I think we are all incredible. This was just a quick little update as I’ve been slacking a whole lot lately (my bad)


warm hugs,

Laurie loo x

How was everybody else’s thanksgiving?? How did you spend it?


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