Another Sweet Sephora Review!

Hello again my lovelies, 

This is just another quick little entry as it’s been a couple weeks since I started using Sephora‘s little secret gem! From the sephora collection, the intensive instant moisturiser and cream.And I tell you what this little beauty was such an amazing find! Not only does this product leave my skin feeling silky smooth and amazingly hydrated but it’s at such good price too! For only $23 this is going straight into my basket of must have products this month! 

Since we’re coming out of the winter time and making our way swiftly into the spring time, I have to be honest, my skin has taken a beating over Christmas after experiencing my first winter time in New York City (bloooooooomin’ freezing’!) The blistering cold breeze and walking around in minus 20 odd degrees, my skin has never been so tight and dry in my entire life. Don’t get me wrong the snow was absolutely beautiful, but after a fair few days of delayed trains, waiting around in the cold, wearing layer upon layer, socks upon socks, running into shops just to feel the heat for even just a second you kind of want it to be summer time already.

Now, if you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that I suffer from dry and sensitive skin, so you know I’m a bit weary when it comes to facial products, but yet again Sephora has shocked and amazed me!

This product glides onto the skin so flawlessly and lasts all day! In fact, this product once applied seems to leave my skin hydrated for days, now that’s my kind of product! Although skin care should be part of your daily routine, sometimes we slip up and forget every now and then, so this product is an absolute life saver! After just one application you will see and feel the instant effects of the product, and will continue to see the creams magical powers for the next few days! Pure perfection!

Personally I only use a pea side blob when it comes to applying this product. Even that is plenty enough for me. I thought that because this product was a cream it was going to leave my skin all sticky and tacky.. however the skin absorbs this product into itself so quickly and effortlessly that it doesn’t leave my skin sticky at all, but instead feeling instantly soft and smooth.

The smell of this product is so refreshing to me, it doesn’t smell too perfumic but just the right balance.

The packaging is so desirable it was too hard to miss. Simplistic and pink just what a girl needs. It’s so easy just to throw into your bag (I know I have).

I have to admit I have really enjoyed using this product, and I feel like I will probably continue to use it far into the future. It’s just worked so well for me and I’ve never really had a moisturiser like it! 

I’d definitely be rating this product a whopping 9/10!!!!

Yet again, well done Sephora! I love it! 

Well, that’s me signing off… until next time! 

Share the love & 
Treasure lifes beauty,

Laurie Loo x 

Ps. What little gems have you stumbled across in stores lately? Leave them in the comments below! x

Once again, the wonderful product, take a look yourself! 

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