A lil’ Dior Daaarling – Review

Hello my beauties!

In this post I’m going to share with you my absolute favourite perfume of all time! Drum roll please… haha I’m just kidding. I am absolutely obsessed with the new Miss Dior – Absolutely Blooming Perfume! I actually picked mine up from Sephora, but I’m sure you can probably pick it up from other stores like Macy’s (if you’re in the US), and various other perfume stores. However, if you’re in the UK debenhams and boots will most definietly have it!

This product is brand new!! I believe that recently they’ve changed the formula of this particular perfume, and my god I love it! If you like sweet smelling perfumes like I do, you’ve got to love this perfume! It’s just pure perfection! It gives you a sweet but yet classic floral kinda scent, and for me it lasts all day long with just a few sprays! Unlike a lot of other perfumes that have let me down in the past.

At first I thought the smell was a little over powering and a little on the strong side, but the more I smelt it the more delicious the smell became to me, and now… I’m hooked! A perfume that lasts all day is my kind of product. I’ve bought this product over and over again, but at a whopping $130 (I’m not sure what that converts into £££), for a large bottle (100ml), don’t go around splashing it everywhere and wasting it! I do absolutely love this product so I don’t mind splashing out the cash when it comes to it. You may even be able to find it for a little cheaper if you do your research, and if you do… let me know because I love a bargain!! Who doesn’t? Especially on this product!! Absolute gem!!

With only a few sprays each time you use this product it should last you a while, I mean they do have different sizes of the product but because I love it so much I always get the largest possible to ensure that I get my moneys worth!

Dior actually have a range of the Miss Dior perfumes, however this one has proven to be my favourite! I find that some of the other ones aren’t nearly as sweet as this one, and for me I love sweet smelling perfumes.


Lets talk about the packaging! I also think that this packaging is too good to miss out on, it’s just so cute and adorable, and the lid of the perfume itself has a tiny little bow on it which makes me feel pretty and girly myself. Everything about the packaging was eye catching to me, I’m one for very simple and classic looks so this product drew me in instantly. I love that they have even gone to the trouble of putting a little logo on the top of the spray pusher thing (I’m not sure what to call this haha), and that makes me feel like a lot of time and effort has gone into this product, which made me more likely to buy it. Every last detail counts.

I am obsessed obsessed obsessed with this product! I love love love it! Definitely a 10/10 from me!

Unfortunately that’s all I have time for today, but be sure to stay tuned for any upcoming posts!

What perfumes are you obsessed with? What’re you February faves?

Share the love &
Treasure Life’s Beauty,

Laurie x

2 thoughts on “A lil’ Dior Daaarling – Review

  1. That bottle looks exactly like “Miss Dior Cherie” which was my favorite until they changed the formula. I’ve never seen this particular one before – I guess I’ll have to go smell it the next time my mom drags me into Macy’s and we go through smelling all the things

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    1. Yeah they all look very similar!! They changed the formula with this one also but I’m so glad I still like it!! It’s so sweet and scrummy!! You should definitely go into Macy’s and have a smell around 😛

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