Makeup Forever or Never?? – First Impressions

Hello beauties!

So a few weeks ago I thought I would spice up my makeup bag with a new product, I’ve been meaning to get my hands on a new foundation for ages but with all the moving around the city and filming it took a whole lot longer than it needed to be. Finally I got some time to myself and headed to my new favourite place… Sephora!

I wandered around and around the store not really sure of which foundation to choose, there were so many products – eventually I ended up over in the makeup forever section where I saw the Makeup Forever ULTA HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation! – Pricing at $43 – I was mesmerised by it as I’ve only ever been a liquid foundation or powder kinda gal. I went and got my skin-colour matched, to which the foundation was the exact colour of my skin, which unfortunately washed out my face and made me look like a ghost so I decided to go with a shade darker, so in the end I ended up with the shade Β  Β 120 = Y245!



Now I’m going to talk a little more about the product itself… this foundation is like nothing I have ever experienced before, Β to begin with when I was first using the product I was really enjoying it, it was something new, something exciting! The product seemed to glide onto the skin flawlessly and the best part you only have to use a tiny amount of it, and it would cover your entire face and it would blend perfectly. Another bonus about this foundation is that it’s very buildable, so if you want a medium coverage just apply one basic layer of the foundation, but if you’re going for more of a full coverage look then most definitely apply more little circles of the product onto you skin, in the main areas you feel like you need more coverage and take your handy beauty blender and blend your troubles away!

Another thing I loved about this product was it’s dewiness (is that even a word?) when applying the product, it feels like velvet BUT when the product dries it looks very matte like which I love.

However, I am a dry skin sufferer so I thought that this product would be fine for me, but it proved that after a week or so of using this product it seemed to dry my skin out even more. Causing me to have to buy some emergency products to help hydrate my skin. So I would suggest if you were looking into this product bare in mind that it may dry out your skin a little.

However number 2, after my skin was back to itself (slightly more hydrated than normal) when I went back to use the product I found that I then had the opposite problem and I found that it made my skin super oily and the product wasn’t really lasting long on my face at all. In fact throughout the day my foundation would get all patchy and when I tried to fix it by blending it again, it just completely removed the product. So I think that if you have really oily skin maybe this isn’t a product for you, but if you have dry skin just make sure that you’re allowing your skin to have a little break to avoid drying it out.

The great thing about having this product in a stick format is that it is a lot less messier than your average liquid foundation. Have you ever had a foundation explode in your makeup bag? It sucks doesn’t it. But with the stick it is so much less unlikely to explode like that and leave the entire contense of your makeup bag destroyed. Also another plus side of having it in a stick is that it lasts FOREVER! Just like it’s name.. Makeup Forever! Since you’re using less product each day it’s obviously going to last a whole lot longer… Which in the long run means saving more pennies for you! Which is great news!

I’m not sure after my experience I will be purchasing this again just because I do have really dry skin and I wouldn’t want my skin to dry out anymore than it already is… and at $43 dollars a stick… that’s not something I particularly want, especially at that price. I’m much more of a drug store kinda gal anyway, so splashing out the cash for this foundation was a newbie thing for me!

Have you ever tried this foundation? What did you think of it? If no, what foundation do you use? Any additional comments, leave them below!

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Treasure Life’s Beauty,

Laurie x





2 thoughts on “Makeup Forever or Never?? – First Impressions

    1. Yeah it’s definitely worth a try! I was surprised at how much coverage it actually gave me! I’m looking into some of their other products πŸ™‚ x

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