Velvet touch? Beauty Review


Hello all!

Today I’m going to talk about a cheeky little limited edition product I managed to get my hands on before they were all out of the stores! Introducing the Rouge Edition Velvet – in the shade 03 Hot Pepper – by Bourjois. I picked mine up from boots but since it being a limited edition item I wasn’t sure whether they were going to bring it back! But it just so happens that they did, and because of the high demands from makeup lover, it’s here to stay, so here’s a little review for you so you know whether or not this is something you should purchase or not!

To start with the proof is in the pudding (at least the title), the word velvet is included in the products name, which I cannot find a better definition for this product! It glides on the lips so delicately and smoothly just like velvet! The creamy consistency of the product is so appealing and leaves me wanting more! It spreads across the lips very easily, but I have to admit I’m a girl who loves bold colours so one layer was not enough for me, but building up on a second layer of the product I was absolutely delighted with the results. ย Now as apposed to the lipSTICK this is applied more like a lip gloss, however it in fact still a ‘lipstick’.

It takes a fair amount of time for the product to dry which is a downfall for me, I like products that next to instantly dry onto my lip ready to go – having to wait around more time for this product to dry I became bored, and I didn’t want to leave until it was dry because of the risk of smudging! Once this product was dry however I was impressed. It felt so light on my lips like I wasn’t wearing anything at all! This product dries like a matte lipsticks, which if you follow my blog you know I’m all about matte lipsticks rather than the glossy look.


The product seemed to be going well… up until I ate something. Now I know that eating and lipstick aren’t the best of friends as it is but on even the first bite the game was over for this lipstick. It almost wiped every last spec of the product off of my lips leaving like a weird red lipliner. So I thought I would give this product another shot a couple days later, and to be fair the lipstick did last a whopping 3 hours before it started to fade and not look anywhere near as fresh. I’m not saying this is a bad product because it’s not, just for me it’s more of a short term kinda lipstick fix. Like I wouldn’t wear this on a night out where I might be out several hours as it just wouldn’t last long enough. However if I was popping out for a walk, or even a quick bit of shopping it would be fine.

I also did the smudge test where I applied the product and once dried took 2 fingers and gently swiped my lips, unfortunately this lipstick is not smudge proof in the slightest.

They have many colours in this range of lipsticks, so many to choose from and they’re not all red either, even though they’re the rouge edition, they also have some purples, some nice beiges, and nudes, and even browns too.

Like I said before it does feel super smooth on the lips, and it doesn’t actually crisp up and form cracks like a lot of matte lipsticks I’ve tried which is a bonus, but just having a long lasting lipstick is a big deal for me. When I took off this product it came off so easily, not leaving any streaky marks all over my face, and to my surprise after wearing it for a fair few hours when I took it off it left my lips feeling super soft and not dry in the slightest which I also find some lipsticks tend to dry out my lips.

So that’s my thoughts on this little rouge edition lipstick! Let me know your thoughts!

Are you more of a matte or a gloss kinda person? I know I’m most definitely matte!

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Treasure Life’s Beauty,

Laurie x







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