Final touches, could do with or do without? – Review

Hello my beauties!

We all remember the spraying hairspray on your face hack from 2008 right? Sticky, gross mess! But it worked to be fair.. if you could bare the horrific fumes of the over used hairspray haha.. Well, now our prayers have been answered ( a fair few years ago anyway). So, today I’ve decided to write about what everyone seems to be obsessed with over the past couple years or so, and that’s setting spray! Very much alongside primers… it’s really taken the world by storm, and very quickly became a ‘must have’ item in our makeup bags. This particular setting spray is from the Maybelline collection, this spray is called Master fix and I picked it up from boots for only £9.99! (I’ve searched and searched online but cannot find a link, so perhaps it’s only sold in store, sorry!).


Which I thought was a steal for a setting spray, something to hold my makeup in place all day? Lovely! Unfortunately this product didn’t seem to agree with me.

Now if I’m being completely honest with you all this setting spray isn’t the best. And I mean that in the nicest of ways, when I say it’s not the best I mean for me, and that’s purely because it doesn’t make my makeup last any longer – which is what I thought a setting spray was all about – making your makeup last longer. It lasts just as long as when I don’t wear any setting spray at all, and to pay £9.99 for something that makes no difference, I was a bit gutted. I thought maybe I wasn’t putting enough of the stuff on, so I tried a little more but again unfortunately got the same results.

After this experience I’m not sure if I’m a believer in setting spray, I think I’d must rather use a loose powder to hold my makeup into place (this is what I’ve been doing for years). I was fairly new to setting spray and I was disappointed after using this product.

I won’t be buying this product again which is a shame because Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore lines, but this product for me just isn’t worth it, or working for that matter.

Now everybody is different so maybe this product works for you, but for me – as I’m on camera a lot which involves a whole lot of lighting on me I need my makeup to stick and stay, so when I tested using this product on just a normal day to day without those lights and just taking a stroll around the town and it still didn’t have any effect, I didn’t even bother trying in front of those lights. It just wouldn’t work.

What setting sprays have you tried that work for you?

Share the Love &
Treasure Life’s Beauty,

Laurie x

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