I’ve been bewitched by Morphe! Sneak Peak

As it’s my last week in the city I decided to go on a little daytime date with one of my friends, a few days prior to this my friend and I discovered a Nutella cafe downtown and decided we had to go there! – So we went, the day was so chilled and lovely and somehow  we ended up in Ultra beauty… hmm that may of been my influence but damn I’m so happy with my purchases!

After a long time coming I finally purchased my very own Morphe palette! Okay I’m lying I bought 2, but they were just too pretty to resist! Time and time again for a night out I’ve just borrowed my friends Morphe pallets to do my makeup as I was still a little indecisive as to whether it was the product to me, and with a product as big as this I didn’t wanna commit to anything before I tried the product. However, after just a few applications I was hooked!

Now if you live in the UK or anywhere outside of the states really you know how much of a pain it is to get your hands on these Morphe Palettes. Especially in the UK when the shipping is sometimes near the price of the product (absolute madness!), or you get put on a wait list for a particular piece. However I’m still here for the mean time and just had to get my hands on a couple!

(I read somewhere that they are opening a new UK version of the store HURRAYYYY – They’ve probably already done that since I read the article but I’ve been away and super busy so haven’t kept up to date, so if this isn’t new news for you I apologise). hehe.

Back to the good stuff…

I eventually after about an hour of scrambling around trying to decide what colours I wanted (and believe me, it was a tough call – they’re all so beautiful), I went for the       35F – Fall into Frost AND the 35R – Ready, Set, Gold! (These links are to the product on the official Morphe website, but as I said I got mine from Ulta… so it’s worth a look).

I want to write you lovely people a fully detailed post/review about what I think about the product at a  later date so that I’ve had enough time to play with the colours and have fun, and see what all the fuss is about. It’s been a couple days and so far so good…

Okay so here’s my first impression of these little beauties! To start off they were only $23 each! For a palette of that size and range of colours OH EMMM GEE! Incredible! This palette is surely going to last me a long time and I won’t have to go out and buy more so this was a sensible decision of me (so I keep telling myself haha). No but seriously, for about $23 a pop why could you not be tempted?

The 2 palettes have a large range of shades and colours, I personally love browns and golden colours so these palettes seemed like the right choice for me. They also include different types of eyeshadows, some matte and some shimmery! Lets get to the shimmery because who doesn’t love a bit of shimmer? Now, these shadows are THE most pigmented eye-shadows I’ve ever seen. -with our close runner up, ColourPop. I barely used any of the product and to my surprise I was able to cover my entire lid. Like I said I would love to write you guys a more detailed entry about what I thought about these babies once I’d used them for a little longer, so I shall do that in the next couple of weeks or so.

It’s been so amazing getting to know these shadows, and to be honest with you… I don’t know why I didn’t buy them sooner!! A-MAAAAAY-ZZZZ-INNNNNG (Amazing haha)!!!!

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading 🙂

Have you been bewitched by Morphe’s beauty products? What’re you favourites?

Share the Love &
Treasure Life’s Beauty,

Laurie x



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