A chilled lil’ pamper night!

There’s nothing like having a nice chilled weekend, which is exactly what I’m going to be doing this weekend (Minus the filming on Sunday). I’m gunna tell you about some of my favourite things to do for a nice relaxing pampering session..

To kick us all off, I like to take myself a nice relaxing bath – I like to fill it up with Marshmallow scented bubblebath – ensuring there’s loads of bubbles! The smell of marshmallows just leaves me feeling sweet and calm, and it smells so delicious good enough to eat (but don’t!).

While in the bath I like to take a damp cloths and rinse in the warm water and lay it over my face and just relax. Whack on some lovely acoustic music and just let the warm water work it’s magic. I make sure I have removed all of my makeup so I don’t leave the bath looking like a panda. I usually do this with my cucumber wipes, just something about the cucumber makes the skin feel so refreshed and hydrated.

Then I hop out the bath when I start to go wrinkly!

Now it’s on to my favourite part…. the mud mask! I like to mix up my mask routines and try them all, but tonight I tried the Black Charcoal mask, and oohhhh my god! It was incredible. It was so relaxing and left my face feeling so so smooth!

I’ll defooooo be buying this little beauty again!! I also like the chocolate and strawberry versions of the masks because my god, they just smell soooo good, almost good enough to eat! (But of Course, do not! haha).

I leave the mud mask on usually for about half an hour, sometimes longer… If I forget hehe… After I’ve washed off all of the mud mask I usually put on a fresh pair of pj’s and hop on into bed. Whack a film on, and let the bed work it’s magic. Now usually because I’m so relaxed I’ll fall asleep way before the movie is finished, but that sleep will be incredible!!

Oh! I almost forgot, if I’m feeling that little bit more cheeky I would have gone to the store before all of this and picked up a lovely slice on cake… tonights choice was chocolate πŸ˜› Mmmm!

Today is a very short post I apologise I’ve been out all day filming and I’m exhausted but I wanted to write a little entry for you guys in my exhausted state!

Thanks for reading my lovelies!

What do you do to relax yourself on the weekend?

Share the Love &
Treasure Lifes’ Beauty,

Laurie x

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