The packing Disaster that turned into a Heart felt realisation

Okay, so I’ve completely changed the post I was going to upload today because I’m having a mare of a day and then something amazing happened and I just had to share it all with you.

So as you know, I’ve been living over in New York for a year now, and I’ve finally booked my flight home (on Wednesday yay), anyways… I’ve always been one to do things last minute… yes, now I know you’re just thinking well that’s your fault! Right?! But with all the filming I’ve been doing lately and photoshoots I just lost track of the time and now here we are a day or so before my flight and I am still yet to pack.

So as you can imagine like a headless maniac I started packing this morning. It was all going well, I was folding things up neatly, doing the old ‘travel tricks’ of rolling things up in groups and putting socks into my shoes, that was all going well and then… Oh my god. DISASTER!!!! I really underestimated how many clothes I had. Now I didn’t think I bought that many clothes while I was over here but boy was I wrong!! My case is completely full. I’ve just about managed to squeeze my socks and pants rammed down the size but that’s it. It’s full.

So I went through my clothes again, I put into piles the things I NEED, the things I wouldn’t be bothered if I were to get rid of them, and the clothes that had small tares/ or I didn’t want. I dragged out my entire suitcase to do this, but I needed to! So I’ve finally just gone through all of my clothes again but still there is clothes I don’t think I could part with. I just can’t seem to bite the bullet and get rid of some of these items… I’m gunna have to get another suitcase!! Ahhh major panic mode right now.

As if that wasn’t enough, I remembered that my mum wanted me to bring this HUUUUGE DOUBLE BED BEDSPREAD home with me, along with 3 pillows!!! Oh my god!!! So even if I got another suitcase to ram that into I’d barely have any space for my things. Then it dawned on me, do I really need to stress myself out so much about these clothes? Was it really all worth it? I mean they’re just clothes. Now some of you may think ummmm yes! That’s definitely worth the stress, but I had a better idea.

I’ve always been one for helping people out, and volunteering with my mum to help the less fortunate so I couldn’t think of a better think to do than to give them all away.

I decided that the clothes that couldn’t fit into my suitcase I would donate, whether that to some friends I made while I lived over here or donate to a store or even give a homeless person a warm jumper or something.  I gathered up my things and went on my donating spree. Now if you’ve ever been to the city around this time you know it’s absolutely freezing, and the homeless rate is off the roof!

After my day wandering I came across so many grateful people for the clothes, they had nothing but kind words for me.  There was this one lady in particular, who really caught my eye, she was just trying to get by, I decided to go buy her some food for the day, some snacks. I gave her some of my clothes, and she threw them on straight away, she was so grateful. She looked beautiful. It was almost like the sparkle in her eye just bounced back. Like there was hope for her. She told me that she was going to make a change, now some of you may not believe that but I honestly believe her words, if you saw her face light up like it did you’d be amazed. The fact I was able to make another human being who had been through so much, who lost everything, be able to smile and feel something as wonderful as hope for giving her a couple of clothing items which I really didn’t think twice about because it’s so easy for me to get new things, but she was so grateful, it really really warmed my heart. I’m not saying I’m an amazing person or ohhhh look at me I’m doing something good, but I honestly just want people to think twice about things, and whether they really matter. Spreading unconditional love is what life’s all about, and I’m happy I was able to give that woman a little bit of hope today.

I ask you all today, to do something nice for somebody else… it doesn’t matter how big nor small it feels to you, it may mean to world to someone else. From even a simple chat to someone you don’t normally talk to, or even a smile. Trust me, it can go a long way.

Share the Love &
Treasure Life’s Beauty &
Don’t take anything for granted.

Laurie x

2 thoughts on “The packing Disaster that turned into a Heart felt realisation

  1. Great post! I know I recently did a post on spring cleaning and you honestly feel so much better afterwards. Your closet is more organized and you finally parted with things you don’t use that we’re taking up space. Do you have any other tips for decluttering?


    1. You honestly do feel so much better for it!! To be honest for me over the years I’ve learnt that I’m a bit of a hoarder so when it comes to de-cluttering for me, if I haven’t worn something in the last year or so I ditch it! It’s the only way I can downsize haha 🙂


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