12 things I missed while living in the States!

Hello my lovelies!!!

This post is going to be a little different to the recent beauty reviews I’ve done but a couple of you have requested writing things about my stay in New York so here’s a little list of a few of the things I missed while I was away studying!!
First up there were plenty and plenty of things I missed throughout my year away but these were my 12 major misses that I struggled with!!

  1. My family – My family mean everything to me. They are my entire world and being away from them was like a part of me was missing, it tore my heart apart if I’m being completely honest with you all. I didn’t think it would effect me as much as it did. Even family members I wouldn’t see very much I missed them all like crazy! I think it was purely the fact I couldn’t just hop in my car and go visit them anymore. I was literally thousands and thousands of miles away and you could only get to them by plane which ticket fare was ridiculous! When I was living in England most of my family were a half an hour drive away and 4 hour drive maximum (my relatives that live in London). It was honestly a very surreal feeling, feeling completely and entirely on my own in a whole different country.
  2. The countryside- Okay now this might sound a little bit ridiculous and dramatic but honestly, I missed things that are green. Like trees and plants and stuff. I missed waking up in the morning and seeing fields beyond fields beyond fields! There’s something so peaceful about seeing so much nature in one place (like where I lived in the UK). New York city may be beautiful in it’s own way but for me it doesn’t compare to the feeling of being around nature and the feeling it gives me. I absolutely love it. I suppose in New York there are more areas like Brooklyn for example, I found that to be more green but still… I’m a girl from the country so you can imagine the devastation I had not being able to go for an afternoon stroll across some national park route!
  3. The sea & beach  – The sea has and always will be a huge part of my life. Over this past year I have struggled to not be by it. I have so many happy memories when being at the beach or near the sea perhaps this is why I love it so much. Not being able to pop in my car and nip to the beach was a nightmare for me. Don’t get me wrong when I could in the summer my friends and I did rush off to the beach at any chance we got but it just wasn’t enough for me, I’m sea obsessed!
  4. My dog – Aww my little Bilbo Baggins (Billy) – that’s just a silly little nickname I have for her. Billy is just so precious to me, she’s my baby! She’s been there through pretty much the whole of my childhood, the good times and the bad she was there to help pick up my spirits. I raised her from a puppy (a little backstory her mother got out of the back garden on her first ever season and came back pregnant… uh oh)!! But out of it came 6 beautiful puppies, 1 of which we kept… 1 of which being Billy! I actually said my final goodbyes to Billy when I left for New York as she is actually 16 years old so the likeliness of her still being around when I got back were slim, it was the worst thing saying goodbye I was balling my eyes out… HOWEVER here I am a year later and she’s still going strong! She’s coming up to her 17th birthday soon and she still acts like a puppy! She’s like a cat with 9 lives that girl, although she’d hate me comparing her to a cat 😛
  5. My mum –  My mum has always been my 1 person to rely on through life. It’s always been just me and her throughout my childhood, we have this incredible bond and we have never been so far away from one another before so this was difficult for us both. But with my mum’s support as usual we were able to get through it. I missed her like crazy, even her annoying nagging and damn I never thought I’d say that!
  6. My friends-  My god, my friends. I missed my friends like crazy, I knew I would. But I was also having such an amazing time which only made me think of them more, and wishing they were there experiencing it with me. I made so many new friends over in America which made it that little bit easier to get through the year but my god I missed my friends back home! Even the friends I don’t see that often I found myself missing them. I’m guessing it was just the fact I was so far away from everyone and everything it all got a little surreal sometimes and I missed everyone. But still, I wouldn’t change my experience for the world.
  7. The food –  Okay. I did not think this was even going to be a thing but it was. I thought that American’s were all about their food and how amazing it was, but yet I found myself missing my home cooked meals. My roast dinners, my fish and chips and mushy peas! My god, nowhere over there compared to or even came close to home cooking!! Don’t get me wrong a lot of the food was tasty but it was nothing like I was used to, and I found a lot of it was fast food, like burgers and also very processed which personally, I don’t like. I found myself hunting in supermarkets for fresh ingredients and asking my step father to send over his recipes so I could cook myself some good old traditional English food! Damn I can’t wait to eat all of the goodies when I get home!
  8. Less people around / peace and quiet –  Obviously before I moved I knew that New York City was going to be a completely different scene and lifestyle to what I was used to, I knew that. But I did really miss the peace and quite. Back home I live quite close to the coast in the countryside only a short drive from the city, out here it’s ever so quiet and I did miss that. New York is very noisy I don’t think I had any quiet time the whole time I was there, but that’s not surprising with the amount of people in the city! The sound of constant traffic and sirens began to grate on me after a while.
  9. Driving – I missed driving big time! I missed having the freedom! Don’t get me wrong you have so much freedom in New York, you can just pop on the train or walk a couple blocks and there would be something new to see or do. But there’s nothing quite like hopping in the car and going for a long drive to clear your head. I do that quite often back home, usually when it’s raining. Something about the rain helps me think, and is very soothing and relaxing. The raging taxi’s are horrendous and I just missed my little car baby!
  10. Shops / Drugstores- Okay now this one is mainly for me because I was lazy at the beginning and I was getting overly stressed because a lot of the products I wanted I couldn’t find over in the US, and back in the UK I know most drugstores like the back of my hand. I know which products I like and I know who’s got the deals! Being over in America I had to relearn EVERYTHING. I missed my English drugstores and all their all mighty glory.
  11.  Painting / art –  Being away studying full time I was unable to paint or do anything creative like I would at home really. Which drove me completely insane!!!! I hate not being able to express myself through creating and painting, I really REALLY hate it!! I love to spend the day painting and creating back home, whacking on my art clothes and just having a wail of a time going crazy and making a mess. It’s my happy place.
  12. My boyfriend- Well this comes as an obvious miss. I missed my boyfriend a HUGE amount. He’s like my little partner in crime. The male equivalent of me – which is scary sometimes haha. However being in the day and age we are today communication is a whole lot better then it used to be, luckily for us! We were able to FaceTime pretty much every other day and keep each other updated with everything that was going on through text messages and phone calls. Obviously it was going to be difficult being so far away from one another but we made it work somehow. I found myself missing the smallest of things, things I didn’t necessarily think I’d miss, but I did. Things like him hitting the snooze button like 9 times before he actually gets out of bed, and nibbling his little snacks and getting crumbs in the bed! haha  The highlight I guess was my boyfriend flying out around Christmas time to come see me. We had the most wonderful white Christmas in New York, it was so special and we’ll both treasure it forever.

Don’t get me wrong I did miss all of these things while I was away but I always had such an amazing time also which I would never change. I met some truly amazing people and I will cherish those moments and memories for the rest of my life. I learnt so much from being away for a year living in New York, things I never would of thought of. I think it has helped me grow as an individual which I am truly grateful for. I cannot thank my friend’s and family enough for all of their support throughout this year, it has been tough, but I made it out the other side on top! I am forever blessed.

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Treasure Life’s Beauty,

Laurie x


Body butter heaven!!

Hello my loves,

Okay first of all I want to apologise for the lack of posting this month. I have recently moved back to the UK and basically I’m just trying to sort everything out, so as you can imagine I have been extremely busy! Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I will find more and more time where I’m able to continue with my blogging, and on a more regular basis! Saying that… I am actually posting on Instagram pretty much everyday so if you’d care to check out my page I do post little short things on there also – wanna find me? just click this link! @treasurelifesbeauty  Like I said I do post most days so be sure to hit that follow button to keep an eye and keep updated for my posts!

Right now onto the good stuff…

So as of lately I have found my absolute to go to product and I am so in love with it!!! It’s been the best purchase I’ve made in a long long time and I am definitely going to continue buying this item.

The item in question is a bargain I found in Superdrug! The Body Butter – Cherry & Macadamia! Ohhhhh my god this product is absolutely incredible and has literally saved my life lately! Transitioning back to the UK from the US has been an extreme and stressful process but this amazing product has made it that little bit easier! For my skin anyway. This body butter is not only super softening but also smells absolutely amazing also!! It smells so good I wanna eat it but both you and I obviously know you can’t haha. This body butters fragrance is so sweet and strong and ahhhh it’s just heaven!! It leaves you smelling absolutely gorgeous! It’s so sweet and so fruity it’s just incredible!

Another amazing thing about this product is it’s price! I believe when I bought this little beauty it was only £5!! (I’m not sure how much is it now but believe me when I say what a bargain)!!

This body butter is 100% suitable for vegetarian’s and is vegan friendly, AND it’s completely cruelty free! As stated on the products packaging it states that Superdrug (where I bought this particular item) is strongly against animal testing! Yay! What could be better than that?! Please do look into products before purchasing!! There are so many products out there that don’t involve animal testing so why not use them!!

The butter itself is so smooth and creamy and glides onto the skin effortlessly. I like to apply a small drop onto my troubled dry areas and massage into the skin in a circular motion until the product is completely absorbed into the skin, which leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. This product has lasted me ages, there is so much of it in the container you don’t have to worry about splashing out the cash!! Also at just £5… you’re not anyway. It’s just perfect. Perfect product, perfect price!! I love love love this product so much I can’t even explain how much! But if you’re looking for a scrumptious body butter to help sooth and smooth your skin look no further give this a go!! Defo a 10/10 experience for me!!!

What are you favourite products lately?!

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Treasure Life’s Beauty,

Laurie x