Body butter heaven!!

Hello my loves,

Okay first of all I want to apologise for the lack of posting this month. I have recently moved back to the UK and basically I’m just trying to sort everything out, so as you can imagine I have been extremely busy! Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I will find more and more time where I’m able to continue with my blogging, and on a more regular basis! Saying that… I am actually posting on Instagram pretty much everyday so if you’d care to check out my page I do post little short things on there also – wanna find me? just click this link! @treasurelifesbeauty  Like I said I do post most days so be sure to hit that follow button to keep an eye and keep updated for my posts!

Right now onto the good stuff…

So as of lately I have found my absolute to go to product and I am so in love with it!!! It’s been the best purchase I’ve made in a long long time and I am definitely going to continue buying this item.

The item in question is a bargain I found in Superdrug! The Body Butter – Cherry & Macadamia! Ohhhhh my god this product is absolutely incredible and has literally saved my life lately! Transitioning back to the UK from the US has been an extreme and stressful process but this amazing product has made it that little bit easier! For my skin anyway. This body butter is not only super softening but also smells absolutely amazing also!! It smells so good I wanna eat it but both you and I obviously know you can’t haha. This body butters fragrance is so sweet and strong and ahhhh it’s just heaven!! It leaves you smelling absolutely gorgeous! It’s so sweet and so fruity it’s just incredible!

Another amazing thing about this product is it’s price! I believe when I bought this little beauty it was only £5!! (I’m not sure how much is it now but believe me when I say what a bargain)!!

This body butter is 100% suitable for vegetarian’s and is vegan friendly, AND it’s completely cruelty free! As stated on the products packaging it states that Superdrug (where I bought this particular item) is strongly against animal testing! Yay! What could be better than that?! Please do look into products before purchasing!! There are so many products out there that don’t involve animal testing so why not use them!!

The butter itself is so smooth and creamy and glides onto the skin effortlessly. I like to apply a small drop onto my troubled dry areas and massage into the skin in a circular motion until the product is completely absorbed into the skin, which leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh. This product has lasted me ages, there is so much of it in the container you don’t have to worry about splashing out the cash!! Also at just £5… you’re not anyway. It’s just perfect. Perfect product, perfect price!! I love love love this product so much I can’t even explain how much! But if you’re looking for a scrumptious body butter to help sooth and smooth your skin look no further give this a go!! Defo a 10/10 experience for me!!!

What are you favourite products lately?!

Share the love &
Treasure Life’s Beauty,

Laurie x

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