Violet Fusion


Hey guys!!

So… I’ve posted my latest painting up on my social media feel free to check it out on those pages (Instagram/ Facebook)! – Click the links attached.

This little beauty is called ‘Violet Fusion’ and is also up on my Etsy Shop if you’re interested in purchasing – even if you just take a quick second to have a look at my pages that would mean the world to me.


As an artist it is a bit doomy sometimes and a bit lonely – you feel like you’re not appreciated for your work and your time and effort is wasted (I feel like I’ll write a post about this soon as it’s something I am very passionate about). So any feedback / comments I get I really take onboard and appreciate!

Anyways like I said this little beauty is up on my Etsy shop but do feel free to contact me on here or on any of my other social media’s with any questions you may have. I also may be able to give you discount! โค

I often ask people what they think of my paintings ย make them feel, or what they think it should be called and actually this time I chose a previous customers suggestion as the name title which is ‘Violet Fusion’. I had already said I wanted it to be something Violet.. but after reading through your suggestions that name really stood out to me!


Anyways, this is just a quick little entry and letting you guys have a sneak peak at this beautiful painting! Hope you like it! Stay tuned!

Spread the love & Treasure Lifes Beauty,

Laurie x

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