sixcarolineplace Open Art Exhibition!!


Hey all!

Sorry it’s been a while since I last wrote… again! I’ve been super busy with life and things, you know the drill!


I’ve really been focusing on my artwork lately and have been planning how to go about changing this blog slightly so it’s moreso about art and my other passions. So here’s a quick little post to update you with something a lil’ exciting that happened to me a few weeks ago!

So, with Plymouth’s Art Weekender coming up I decided that I was going to try and get some of my work into the event. I went around to a few different places to see their rules and themes to see if any of my work would fit. I then came across this cool and quirky house called ‘six Caroline place’ which conveniently was just up the road! I went in and had a little chat with the event host’s and decided that I would enter some of my work to be in their open art exhibition! I submitted 2 pieces of my original artwork and waited. After about a week or so, I found out that both of my pieces had got selected to be apart of this cool and quirky exhibition! I was a little nervous as this was the first official time that I had gotten my work out into the world – but I was so excited!

My work got displayed in this wonderful house alongside some other incredible talented local artists work – some being sculptures and some paintings of all mediums – I loved seeing my work up on their walls as well as everybody else! Everybody who took part has so much talent!

What an exciting experience this was! I am so proud of myself for taking this step as for me it’s quite difficult to get my work out there and feel confident enough to show others – I got so much amazing feedback and comments throughout this whole weekend and I am so happy that I took part in it! I would definitely do it again!

The 2 pieces that I chose to be apart of this exhibition were ‘Turquoise Bay’ and ‘Ocean City’ – which both are still currently up for sale! Check out my Instagram page for more information! This pieces will also be up and running on my Etsy page very soon! So keep your eyes pealed!

Here are a few pictures I had taken and others have sent in of my work on display in the art exhibition!! Β I hope you like them! (Pictures below)

Share the Love &

Treasure Life’s Beauty,

Laurie x

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