I’m back! And there’s gunna be a few changes around here!

Hello my lovelies,

Guess who’s back… after what feels like a lifetime!

I’m so sorry I’ve been leaving you all in the dark but I’ve been stuck in a little bit of a ruckus where I didn’t know if blogging was for me anymore. I’ve felt like this before but I was always able to lift myself back up and get back on track! We all get like it I know, but this time I let it take over. With life getting too heavy and having to work it all seems so difficult to keep on top of my posts and blogging every week and it was making me feel miserable. I didn’t want to post any half hearted posts and let all of you down so I just took some time for myself and didn’t bother at all. I focused on myself and well being.


This isn’t goodbye!! I was hmming and ahhing about closing down my page entirely but I’ve decided after a few months that, that isn’t what I want to do. I’ve met so many lovely people and to loose all of you would be such a shame, so I’ve decided to stay.


HOWEVER, I will be having a major revamp of my page. Not to worry it won’t be too drastic and I won’t spring it on all of you all of a sudden but I will gradually be changing it over time to fit me better.

CHANGES – There will be some changes around here, I will still be writing the odd beauty post but that won’t be my main area topic anymore – my heart just isn’t in it 24/7 anymore. I will be trying to add in more of my creative side, including my artwork and my acting career as well as general life and lifestyle. I will try and keep my content as interesting as I possibly can and I do hope that you decide to stick around in the long run and follow me on my journey.

I think this revamp will be good for me, it’ll give me a chance for a fresh start and I’ll start to feel like myself again instead of feeling like I’m writing a post because I need to (it’s a chore) –  and actually want to write about it. I have a lot of passion towards the arts, artwork, painting, acting anything creative really, I love it.


I do really hope you guys follow me on this blog as it is still me, I’m just trying to find myself again.

In the meantime please feel free to check out my artwork on social media!!

My pages are:




Love to hear from you,

It’s been too long.


All my love,


Laurie x


12 things I missed while living in the States!

Hello my lovelies!!!

This post is going to be a little different to the recent beauty reviews I’ve done but a couple of you have requested writing things about my stay in New York so here’s a little list of a few of the things I missed while I was away studying!!
First up there were plenty and plenty of things I missed throughout my year away but these were my 12 major misses that I struggled with!!

  1. My family – My family mean everything to me. They are my entire world and being away from them was like a part of me was missing, it tore my heart apart if I’m being completely honest with you all. I didn’t think it would effect me as much as it did. Even family members I wouldn’t see very much I missed them all like crazy! I think it was purely the fact I couldn’t just hop in my car and go visit them anymore. I was literally thousands and thousands of miles away and you could only get to them by plane which ticket fare was ridiculous! When I was living in England most of my family were a half an hour drive away and 4 hour drive maximum (my relatives that live in London). It was honestly a very surreal feeling, feeling completely and entirely on my own in a whole different country.
  2. The countryside- Okay now this might sound a little bit ridiculous and dramatic but honestly, I missed things that are green. Like trees and plants and stuff. I missed waking up in the morning and seeing fields beyond fields beyond fields! There’s something so peaceful about seeing so much nature in one place (like where I lived in the UK). New York city may be beautiful in it’s own way but for me it doesn’t compare to the feeling of being around nature and the feeling it gives me. I absolutely love it. I suppose in New York there are more areas like Brooklyn for example, I found that to be more green but still… I’m a girl from the country so you can imagine the devastation I had not being able to go for an afternoon stroll across some national park route!
  3. The sea & beach  – The sea has and always will be a huge part of my life. Over this past year I have struggled to not be by it. I have so many happy memories when being at the beach or near the sea perhaps this is why I love it so much. Not being able to pop in my car and nip to the beach was a nightmare for me. Don’t get me wrong when I could in the summer my friends and I did rush off to the beach at any chance we got but it just wasn’t enough for me, I’m sea obsessed!
  4. My dog – Aww my little Bilbo Baggins (Billy) – that’s just a silly little nickname I have for her. Billy is just so precious to me, she’s my baby! She’s been there through pretty much the whole of my childhood, the good times and the bad she was there to help pick up my spirits. I raised her from a puppy (a little backstory her mother got out of the back garden on her first ever season and came back pregnant… uh oh)!! But out of it came 6 beautiful puppies, 1 of which we kept… 1 of which being Billy! I actually said my final goodbyes to Billy when I left for New York as she is actually 16 years old so the likeliness of her still being around when I got back were slim, it was the worst thing saying goodbye I was balling my eyes out… HOWEVER here I am a year later and she’s still going strong! She’s coming up to her 17th birthday soon and she still acts like a puppy! She’s like a cat with 9 lives that girl, although she’d hate me comparing her to a cat 😛
  5. My mum –  My mum has always been my 1 person to rely on through life. It’s always been just me and her throughout my childhood, we have this incredible bond and we have never been so far away from one another before so this was difficult for us both. But with my mum’s support as usual we were able to get through it. I missed her like crazy, even her annoying nagging and damn I never thought I’d say that!
  6. My friends-  My god, my friends. I missed my friends like crazy, I knew I would. But I was also having such an amazing time which only made me think of them more, and wishing they were there experiencing it with me. I made so many new friends over in America which made it that little bit easier to get through the year but my god I missed my friends back home! Even the friends I don’t see that often I found myself missing them. I’m guessing it was just the fact I was so far away from everyone and everything it all got a little surreal sometimes and I missed everyone. But still, I wouldn’t change my experience for the world.
  7. The food –  Okay. I did not think this was even going to be a thing but it was. I thought that American’s were all about their food and how amazing it was, but yet I found myself missing my home cooked meals. My roast dinners, my fish and chips and mushy peas! My god, nowhere over there compared to or even came close to home cooking!! Don’t get me wrong a lot of the food was tasty but it was nothing like I was used to, and I found a lot of it was fast food, like burgers and also very processed which personally, I don’t like. I found myself hunting in supermarkets for fresh ingredients and asking my step father to send over his recipes so I could cook myself some good old traditional English food! Damn I can’t wait to eat all of the goodies when I get home!
  8. Less people around / peace and quiet –  Obviously before I moved I knew that New York City was going to be a completely different scene and lifestyle to what I was used to, I knew that. But I did really miss the peace and quite. Back home I live quite close to the coast in the countryside only a short drive from the city, out here it’s ever so quiet and I did miss that. New York is very noisy I don’t think I had any quiet time the whole time I was there, but that’s not surprising with the amount of people in the city! The sound of constant traffic and sirens began to grate on me after a while.
  9. Driving – I missed driving big time! I missed having the freedom! Don’t get me wrong you have so much freedom in New York, you can just pop on the train or walk a couple blocks and there would be something new to see or do. But there’s nothing quite like hopping in the car and going for a long drive to clear your head. I do that quite often back home, usually when it’s raining. Something about the rain helps me think, and is very soothing and relaxing. The raging taxi’s are horrendous and I just missed my little car baby!
  10. Shops / Drugstores- Okay now this one is mainly for me because I was lazy at the beginning and I was getting overly stressed because a lot of the products I wanted I couldn’t find over in the US, and back in the UK I know most drugstores like the back of my hand. I know which products I like and I know who’s got the deals! Being over in America I had to relearn EVERYTHING. I missed my English drugstores and all their all mighty glory.
  11.  Painting / art –  Being away studying full time I was unable to paint or do anything creative like I would at home really. Which drove me completely insane!!!! I hate not being able to express myself through creating and painting, I really REALLY hate it!! I love to spend the day painting and creating back home, whacking on my art clothes and just having a wail of a time going crazy and making a mess. It’s my happy place.
  12. My boyfriend- Well this comes as an obvious miss. I missed my boyfriend a HUGE amount. He’s like my little partner in crime. The male equivalent of me – which is scary sometimes haha. However being in the day and age we are today communication is a whole lot better then it used to be, luckily for us! We were able to FaceTime pretty much every other day and keep each other updated with everything that was going on through text messages and phone calls. Obviously it was going to be difficult being so far away from one another but we made it work somehow. I found myself missing the smallest of things, things I didn’t necessarily think I’d miss, but I did. Things like him hitting the snooze button like 9 times before he actually gets out of bed, and nibbling his little snacks and getting crumbs in the bed! haha  The highlight I guess was my boyfriend flying out around Christmas time to come see me. We had the most wonderful white Christmas in New York, it was so special and we’ll both treasure it forever.

Don’t get me wrong I did miss all of these things while I was away but I always had such an amazing time also which I would never change. I met some truly amazing people and I will cherish those moments and memories for the rest of my life. I learnt so much from being away for a year living in New York, things I never would of thought of. I think it has helped me grow as an individual which I am truly grateful for. I cannot thank my friend’s and family enough for all of their support throughout this year, it has been tough, but I made it out the other side on top! I am forever blessed.

Share the love &
Treasure Life’s Beauty,

Laurie x

The packing Disaster that turned into a Heart felt realisation

Okay, so I’ve completely changed the post I was going to upload today because I’m having a mare of a day and then something amazing happened and I just had to share it all with you.

So as you know, I’ve been living over in New York for a year now, and I’ve finally booked my flight home (on Wednesday yay), anyways… I’ve always been one to do things last minute… yes, now I know you’re just thinking well that’s your fault! Right?! But with all the filming I’ve been doing lately and photoshoots I just lost track of the time and now here we are a day or so before my flight and I am still yet to pack.

So as you can imagine like a headless maniac I started packing this morning. It was all going well, I was folding things up neatly, doing the old ‘travel tricks’ of rolling things up in groups and putting socks into my shoes, that was all going well and then… Oh my god. DISASTER!!!! I really underestimated how many clothes I had. Now I didn’t think I bought that many clothes while I was over here but boy was I wrong!! My case is completely full. I’ve just about managed to squeeze my socks and pants rammed down the size but that’s it. It’s full.

So I went through my clothes again, I put into piles the things I NEED, the things I wouldn’t be bothered if I were to get rid of them, and the clothes that had small tares/ or I didn’t want. I dragged out my entire suitcase to do this, but I needed to! So I’ve finally just gone through all of my clothes again but still there is clothes I don’t think I could part with. I just can’t seem to bite the bullet and get rid of some of these items… I’m gunna have to get another suitcase!! Ahhh major panic mode right now.

As if that wasn’t enough, I remembered that my mum wanted me to bring this HUUUUGE DOUBLE BED BEDSPREAD home with me, along with 3 pillows!!! Oh my god!!! So even if I got another suitcase to ram that into I’d barely have any space for my things. Then it dawned on me, do I really need to stress myself out so much about these clothes? Was it really all worth it? I mean they’re just clothes. Now some of you may think ummmm yes! That’s definitely worth the stress, but I had a better idea.

I’ve always been one for helping people out, and volunteering with my mum to help the less fortunate so I couldn’t think of a better think to do than to give them all away.

I decided that the clothes that couldn’t fit into my suitcase I would donate, whether that to some friends I made while I lived over here or donate to a store or even give a homeless person a warm jumper or something.  I gathered up my things and went on my donating spree. Now if you’ve ever been to the city around this time you know it’s absolutely freezing, and the homeless rate is off the roof!

After my day wandering I came across so many grateful people for the clothes, they had nothing but kind words for me.  There was this one lady in particular, who really caught my eye, she was just trying to get by, I decided to go buy her some food for the day, some snacks. I gave her some of my clothes, and she threw them on straight away, she was so grateful. She looked beautiful. It was almost like the sparkle in her eye just bounced back. Like there was hope for her. She told me that she was going to make a change, now some of you may not believe that but I honestly believe her words, if you saw her face light up like it did you’d be amazed. The fact I was able to make another human being who had been through so much, who lost everything, be able to smile and feel something as wonderful as hope for giving her a couple of clothing items which I really didn’t think twice about because it’s so easy for me to get new things, but she was so grateful, it really really warmed my heart. I’m not saying I’m an amazing person or ohhhh look at me I’m doing something good, but I honestly just want people to think twice about things, and whether they really matter. Spreading unconditional love is what life’s all about, and I’m happy I was able to give that woman a little bit of hope today.

I ask you all today, to do something nice for somebody else… it doesn’t matter how big nor small it feels to you, it may mean to world to someone else. From even a simple chat to someone you don’t normally talk to, or even a smile. Trust me, it can go a long way.

Share the Love &
Treasure Life’s Beauty &
Don’t take anything for granted.

Laurie x

Just a lil’ thank you!

Hello all!!

This post is going to be super short and sweet but I just wanted to recognise that I have reached 50 followers!!!! I know that may not seem like a lot to some people but considering I only started this up properly again last week I am over the moon. I’d like to thank each and everyone of you who’ve followed so far, and I promise to keep you entertained with more content in the very near future! Today really has been a Fri-yayy!

All my love,

Share the Love &
Treasure Life’s Beauty,

Laurie x

My first thanksgiving 🙏🏼 🦃

Hello all!!

For starters being from the UK we don’t really celebrate thanksgiving so being in New York City for the world famous turkey day was an interesting experience!

After speaking to a lot of my new American friends I began to come to the conclusion that America’s thanksgiving is pretty much my equivalent to Christmas. I asked all my friends what’s so special about it and they told me it was a time for friends and family to all get together and celebrate together (and eat a shit tone of food) haha who wouldn’t love that! Obviously got me it was a little different, Being in a completely different country away from my family and friends I was unable to celebrate my thanksgiving in the traditional way. I found that being away from my family around this time was a whole lot harder than I originally expected up until this point I’ve been fine about being over in NYC alone but because of this particular holiday everybody in my building went home to see their families and all my new friends too so I was pretty much alone for thanksgiving which was a bit of a bummer. However for my thanksgiving eve I suppose you can call it I went to my school and celebrated with my closest classmates and we all shared a meal together and spoke abou all that we were thankful for. It’s wonderful hearing all that everyone’s had to say. Everyone being from different backgrounds, different cultures and all coming together to celebrate thanksgiving was a truly heartwarming experience. We all came together held hands and prayed before eating, the conversation of the evening was so lovely and friendly and made me feel a whole lot better about being so far away from my family as I do consider these guys my second family now. Although my actual thanksgiving I spent alone, the night before I found truly incredible and I really enjoyed myself. I am so greatful for everyone I have met on my new chapter over in NYC, people that work so hard and are just as dedicated as me. We all have a dream and we are all pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones to achieve that. I think we are all super brave and I love each and every person in my classes. I pray that you achieve all your dreams and goals you set yourself in life, we’ve all made the first initial leap into them, and I think we are all incredible. This was just a quick little update as I’ve been slacking a whole lot lately (my bad)


warm hugs,

Laurie loo x

How was everybody else’s thanksgiving?? How did you spend it?

Guess who’s back?! 

Hi all!

Long time no speak right? That’s my bad I apologise, I moved. As many of you know if you’d read some of my previous posts last year I’d applied to study in New York City at the film academy, and I got the audition!!! (Woo yay), but there were a few funding issues. However I managed to pull a few strings and managed to get myself out here, which is where I have been living for the past 6 months or so. – Which is why I’ve been unable to blog, pretty naf excuse I know but I’ve been pretty bombarded with school work, and shooting! But I’ve decided I’m going to try my absolute best to get on top of my blogging again, and this will become a whole lot easier once I’ve got my new laptop which I should be picking up next week – so that’s exciting!

Anyways… I thought I’d just do a quick little post updating you all on what’s been happening and how I’m finding my new life in New York! And a few of my particular favourite things I’ve done or come across while living in the city.
For starters…

I absolutely love it out here!!!!

There is such a sense of freedom that I’ve never experienced anywhere else in the world, now I don’t know if that’s because I literally packed up my bags and moved to the other side of the world on my own so I feel a little like a bad ass or.. maybe it’s just the city! There is so much creativity over here and so many people love the arts! I rarely hear anything negative which I have experienced back home when talking about the arts.
Also last month I moved from manhattan to Brooklyn heights and oh emmmm gee!!!! I love it over here even more than I loved manhattan! I think it’s because back home I practically live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees and fields and so much nature, and Brooklyn heights has a little bit or nature which I love. Every weekend I try and take myself for a little walk and go for an adventure, it reminds me of those long days I would pick up my dog and take her for a 4/5 journey through many fields and both myself and my pup would love it! It’s a little less work orientated here which means I actually feel relaxed whereas when I was in manhattan I was constantly on the go, I couldn’t really sleep because I was hearing police cars etc which used to make me feel so so homesick and the peace and quiet. It’s a lot more chilled over here over in Brooklyn, and some of the views from the promenade overlooking the city are absolutely breath taking. I am so lucky.
I love that you’re never really alone in the city, it could be 3am on a Tuesday evening – when I finish shooting for a film up in Times Square and there would still be hundreds and hundreds of people around. Surprisingly I feel very safe in the city, which before coming here I did not think was possible after all of the programs like CSI I’d watched.. haha I guess that was my own fault judging this place before experiencing it for myself! But now I know haha. I feel like it’s one of the safest places in the world, and the majority of people you meet are lovely. Even the “do you wanna go see the Statue of Liberty” guys.. haha yes you know the ones.

Anyway this was just a quick little hey to let you all know that I’ll be back in action very soon! I’ve missed you guys.
Warm hugs,
Laurie x

My Christmassy to do list!

So in this post i’m going to be listing and talking about certain things I think December cannot possibly be without! A to do list as it were…


  1. Start a Christmas movie marathon with the family, including all of my very own personal favourite films as well as your typical Christmas classics! – The Grinch is definitely on the top of my list.
  2. Decorate my house and bedroom so it’s irresistibly Christmassy – there is nothing better than having a cosy warm feeling to a home around Christmas time, and decorating the house will help do this! Whack out the tinsel, the mistletoe anything you can find remotely Christmassy and watch your house transform to your every day home into a winter wonderland!
  3. Start thinking about things I’m going to hand-make this year, thinking of all the different gift ideas – I’ve already got a fair few floating around in my head 🙂
  4. Drive or walk around different areas hunting for Christmas lights, everything looks so beautiful around Christmas time and it’s all because of a few little lights, so go out and explore, you wouldn’t want to miss it!
  5. Go for as many wintery strolls as I can – making sure I admire all of the wonderful colours nature has to offer, watching the leaves fall from the trees, taking my time to take it all in (remembering to wrap up warm of course, I don’t want a cold for Christmas!)
  6. Ensure that I have an absolutely humongous home-made delicious hot chocolate with plenty of cream and marshmallows with lots chocolate sprinkles… Mmmm…
  7. Make sure I complete my present check list, ensure I have got everyone something and haven’t missed anybody out.
  8. Go out to my local Christmas markets (they’re my favourite) – there’s so many things I love at the stalls, it’s hard to come home with just one thing!
  9. Wonder around the place looking for Christmassy inspiration! (for gifts)
  10. Make some freshly baked cookies for the family!! Mmm… yet again more Christmas treats 😛
  11. Buy a wonderfully whacky Christmas jumper. Is it really Christmas without one?!
  12. Stock up on the winter’s lovely fluffy socks! You can never have too many.
  13. A random act of kindness.
  14. Make a Christmas wish.
  15. Make sure I put enough effort in to see all of my family members in December! – My family is HUGE!!
  16. Gather up all of my close family,  turn off all of the lights apart from the fairy and Christmas lights and perhaps a couple of candles and play some Christmas songs on full blast and dance around in our onsies/ pj’s.
  17. Gather up pine cones and fern leaves on a wintery walk and decorate your house with them – nothing looks as great as the real deal, the real thing. It really does give your house such a Christmassy feel.
  18. Meet up with a group of friend’s and go out for a hot drink and a catch up – or if you’re feeling a little bit more daring or adventurous why don’t you turn those hot chocolates into a couple of cocktails and see where the night takes you!
  19. Eat an unhealthy amount of chocolate – did I mention it’s actually socially acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast in December? Well now you know 😛

And last but not least…

20. Light up the fire and all gather around it maybe toast a marshmallow or 2 and talk about all things you’ve done over the past year and just generally have a laugh and a giggle together. – If you don’t have a fireplace in your house, get a group of friends together and go out and make your own fire perhaps on a beach or something (obviously make sure you’re allowed and it’s safe to do so first), and just look up… The starts look beautiful at this time of year.


This is my list of the top 20 things I need to do before the end of December.

Do we have anything in common? Tell me what some of the things you need to put on your Christmas to do list!

Happy December everyone,

Warm wishes!!

Laurie x