A chilled lil’ pamper night!

There’s nothing like having a nice chilled weekend, which is exactly what I’m going to be doing this weekend (Minus the filming on Sunday). I’m gunna tell you about some of my favourite things to do for a nice relaxing pampering session..

To kick us all off, I like to take myself a nice relaxing bath – I like to fill it up with Marshmallow scented bubblebath – ensuring there’s loads of bubbles! The smell of marshmallows just leaves me feeling sweet and calm, and it smells so delicious good enough to eat (but don’t!).

While in the bath I like to take a damp cloths and rinse in the warm water and lay it over my face and just relax. Whack on some lovely acoustic music and just let the warm water work it’s magic. I make sure I have removed all of my makeup so I don’t leave the bath looking like a panda. I usually do this with my cucumber wipes, just something about the cucumber makes the skin feel so refreshed and hydrated.

Then I hop out the bath when I start to go wrinkly!

Now it’s on to my favourite part…. the mud mask! I like to mix up my mask routines and try them all, but tonight I tried the Black Charcoal mask, and oohhhh my god! It was incredible. It was so relaxing and left my face feeling so so smooth!

I’ll defooooo be buying this little beauty again!! I also like the chocolate and strawberry versions of the masks because my god, they just smell soooo good, almost good enough to eat! (But of Course, do not! haha).

I leave the mud mask on usually for about half an hour, sometimes longer… If I forget hehe… After I’ve washed off all of the mud mask I usually put on a fresh pair of pj’s and hop on into bed. Whack a film on, and let the bed work it’s magic. Now usually because I’m so relaxed I’ll fall asleep way before the movie is finished, but that sleep will be incredible!!

Oh! I almost forgot, if I’m feeling that little bit more cheeky I would have gone to the store before all of this and picked up a lovely slice on cake… tonights choice was chocolate 😛 Mmmm!

Today is a very short post I apologise I’ve been out all day filming and I’m exhausted but I wanted to write a little entry for you guys in my exhausted state!

Thanks for reading my lovelies!

What do you do to relax yourself on the weekend?

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Treasure Lifes’ Beauty,

Laurie x


I’ve been bewitched by Morphe! Sneak Peak

As it’s my last week in the city I decided to go on a little daytime date with one of my friends, a few days prior to this my friend and I discovered a Nutella cafe downtown and decided we had to go there! – So we went, the day was so chilled and lovely and somehow  we ended up in Ultra beauty… hmm that may of been my influence but damn I’m so happy with my purchases!

After a long time coming I finally purchased my very own Morphe palette! Okay I’m lying I bought 2, but they were just too pretty to resist! Time and time again for a night out I’ve just borrowed my friends Morphe pallets to do my makeup as I was still a little indecisive as to whether it was the product to me, and with a product as big as this I didn’t wanna commit to anything before I tried the product. However, after just a few applications I was hooked!

Now if you live in the UK or anywhere outside of the states really you know how much of a pain it is to get your hands on these Morphe Palettes. Especially in the UK when the shipping is sometimes near the price of the product (absolute madness!), or you get put on a wait list for a particular piece. However I’m still here for the mean time and just had to get my hands on a couple!

(I read somewhere that they are opening a new UK version of the store HURRAYYYY – They’ve probably already done that since I read the article but I’ve been away and super busy so haven’t kept up to date, so if this isn’t new news for you I apologise). hehe.

Back to the good stuff…

I eventually after about an hour of scrambling around trying to decide what colours I wanted (and believe me, it was a tough call – they’re all so beautiful), I went for the       35F – Fall into Frost AND the 35R – Ready, Set, Gold! (These links are to the product on the official Morphe website, but as I said I got mine from Ulta… so it’s worth a look).

I want to write you lovely people a fully detailed post/review about what I think about the product at a  later date so that I’ve had enough time to play with the colours and have fun, and see what all the fuss is about. It’s been a couple days and so far so good…

Okay so here’s my first impression of these little beauties! To start off they were only $23 each! For a palette of that size and range of colours OH EMMM GEE! Incredible! This palette is surely going to last me a long time and I won’t have to go out and buy more so this was a sensible decision of me (so I keep telling myself haha). No but seriously, for about $23 a pop why could you not be tempted?

The 2 palettes have a large range of shades and colours, I personally love browns and golden colours so these palettes seemed like the right choice for me. They also include different types of eyeshadows, some matte and some shimmery! Lets get to the shimmery because who doesn’t love a bit of shimmer? Now, these shadows are THE most pigmented eye-shadows I’ve ever seen. -with our close runner up, ColourPop. I barely used any of the product and to my surprise I was able to cover my entire lid. Like I said I would love to write you guys a more detailed entry about what I thought about these babies once I’d used them for a little longer, so I shall do that in the next couple of weeks or so.

It’s been so amazing getting to know these shadows, and to be honest with you… I don’t know why I didn’t buy them sooner!! A-MAAAAAY-ZZZZ-INNNNNG (Amazing haha)!!!!

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading 🙂

Have you been bewitched by Morphe’s beauty products? What’re you favourites?

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Laurie x



Just a lil’ thank you!

Hello all!!

This post is going to be super short and sweet but I just wanted to recognise that I have reached 50 followers!!!! I know that may not seem like a lot to some people but considering I only started this up properly again last week I am over the moon. I’d like to thank each and everyone of you who’ve followed so far, and I promise to keep you entertained with more content in the very near future! Today really has been a Fri-yayy!

All my love,

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Laurie x

Final touches, could do with or do without? – Review

Hello my beauties!

We all remember the spraying hairspray on your face hack from 2008 right? Sticky, gross mess! But it worked to be fair.. if you could bare the horrific fumes of the over used hairspray haha.. Well, now our prayers have been answered ( a fair few years ago anyway). So, today I’ve decided to write about what everyone seems to be obsessed with over the past couple years or so, and that’s setting spray! Very much alongside primers… it’s really taken the world by storm, and very quickly became a ‘must have’ item in our makeup bags. This particular setting spray is from the Maybelline collection, this spray is called Master fix and I picked it up from boots for only £9.99! (I’ve searched and searched online but cannot find a link, so perhaps it’s only sold in store, sorry!).


Which I thought was a steal for a setting spray, something to hold my makeup in place all day? Lovely! Unfortunately this product didn’t seem to agree with me.

Now if I’m being completely honest with you all this setting spray isn’t the best. And I mean that in the nicest of ways, when I say it’s not the best I mean for me, and that’s purely because it doesn’t make my makeup last any longer – which is what I thought a setting spray was all about – making your makeup last longer. It lasts just as long as when I don’t wear any setting spray at all, and to pay £9.99 for something that makes no difference, I was a bit gutted. I thought maybe I wasn’t putting enough of the stuff on, so I tried a little more but again unfortunately got the same results.

After this experience I’m not sure if I’m a believer in setting spray, I think I’d must rather use a loose powder to hold my makeup into place (this is what I’ve been doing for years). I was fairly new to setting spray and I was disappointed after using this product.

I won’t be buying this product again which is a shame because Maybelline is one of my favourite drugstore lines, but this product for me just isn’t worth it, or working for that matter.

Now everybody is different so maybe this product works for you, but for me – as I’m on camera a lot which involves a whole lot of lighting on me I need my makeup to stick and stay, so when I tested using this product on just a normal day to day without those lights and just taking a stroll around the town and it still didn’t have any effect, I didn’t even bother trying in front of those lights. It just wouldn’t work.

What setting sprays have you tried that work for you?

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Laurie x

Trip to Brazil? & My First Impressions

Hello my beauties!

Recently I have had a lot of spare time on my hands, what a perfect time to write up a few blog posts and beauty reviews ay?! Anyways, I’ve found myself wandering around the city, exploring all it has to offer, as I soon will be returning back to my hometown in the UK.. and to my surprise I find myself flying in and out of many different drug stores.. (not much of a surprise really). Just last week I wandered into a store just to get some bread for my weekly lunches, BUT somehow I managed to fill up my entire basket with new beauty products, I just obviously could not resist!

Today I’m going to talk about one of those products and my first impressions of the product. Since moving to New York I have been introduced to Wet n Wild beauty – I’d never heard of this brand before moving to the city but now I have to admit, I’m hooked! A few reasons being, these products are not only pretty good when it comes to beauty products, their range of stuff is HUGE! Another beauty bonus about Wet n Wild is that the products come at such a hard to resist cheap price! Some of the products starting at as little as $2.99! What an absolute bargain! Now that’s the stuff I want in my life!


I decided to purchase their Coloricon Bronzer – in the shade 739 Ticket to Brazil – pricing at a low $3.99! This is a bargain and a half, the product is as big as my hand and for $3.99 my god, now that’s a gem of a find! Something I love about this product is the subtlety of it, meaning sometimes with bronzer I find them to be a little over powering when it comes to the application (but then again, that could just be me buying a colour slightly to dark for my completion, oops!). This bronzer is just so subtle I love it! It has a slight shimmer in it too which I love in my bronzers, it’s not too much shimmer so that I look like a crazy disco ball but just enough that sometimes I don’t even need to apply my highlighter! Madness I know! But this bronzer seems to do the trick!

This product also has a very subtle scent to it, which at first I didn’t notice but the more and more I used the product I found the more I noticed it, and the more I liked it. This bronzer has very quickly become a part of my daily routine and I have to admit, I don’t know why I didn’t find it sooner! This bronzer gives me such a natural sun kissed glow, and it’s so light on the skin, I can barely feel I’m wearing any product at all!

Another pro I find with these Wet n Wild products is that, all of their products are cruelty free! Which is one of the main reasons I was drawn to their products in the first place. I think it’s always important to do a little research on your products before you buy them! There are so many brands that are cruelty free out there so why not?!

Well that’s me done, this was only a quick little entry where I just had to share this little gem with you!

What Wet n Wild products are you obsessed with?

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Laurie x

Velvet touch? Beauty Review


Hello all!

Today I’m going to talk about a cheeky little limited edition product I managed to get my hands on before they were all out of the stores! Introducing the Rouge Edition Velvet – in the shade 03 Hot Pepper – by Bourjois. I picked mine up from boots but since it being a limited edition item I wasn’t sure whether they were going to bring it back! But it just so happens that they did, and because of the high demands from makeup lover, it’s here to stay, so here’s a little review for you so you know whether or not this is something you should purchase or not!

To start with the proof is in the pudding (at least the title), the word velvet is included in the products name, which I cannot find a better definition for this product! It glides on the lips so delicately and smoothly just like velvet! The creamy consistency of the product is so appealing and leaves me wanting more! It spreads across the lips very easily, but I have to admit I’m a girl who loves bold colours so one layer was not enough for me, but building up on a second layer of the product I was absolutely delighted with the results.  Now as apposed to the lipSTICK this is applied more like a lip gloss, however it in fact still a ‘lipstick’.

It takes a fair amount of time for the product to dry which is a downfall for me, I like products that next to instantly dry onto my lip ready to go – having to wait around more time for this product to dry I became bored, and I didn’t want to leave until it was dry because of the risk of smudging! Once this product was dry however I was impressed. It felt so light on my lips like I wasn’t wearing anything at all! This product dries like a matte lipsticks, which if you follow my blog you know I’m all about matte lipsticks rather than the glossy look.


The product seemed to be going well… up until I ate something. Now I know that eating and lipstick aren’t the best of friends as it is but on even the first bite the game was over for this lipstick. It almost wiped every last spec of the product off of my lips leaving like a weird red lipliner. So I thought I would give this product another shot a couple days later, and to be fair the lipstick did last a whopping 3 hours before it started to fade and not look anywhere near as fresh. I’m not saying this is a bad product because it’s not, just for me it’s more of a short term kinda lipstick fix. Like I wouldn’t wear this on a night out where I might be out several hours as it just wouldn’t last long enough. However if I was popping out for a walk, or even a quick bit of shopping it would be fine.

I also did the smudge test where I applied the product and once dried took 2 fingers and gently swiped my lips, unfortunately this lipstick is not smudge proof in the slightest.

They have many colours in this range of lipsticks, so many to choose from and they’re not all red either, even though they’re the rouge edition, they also have some purples, some nice beiges, and nudes, and even browns too.

Like I said before it does feel super smooth on the lips, and it doesn’t actually crisp up and form cracks like a lot of matte lipsticks I’ve tried which is a bonus, but just having a long lasting lipstick is a big deal for me. When I took off this product it came off so easily, not leaving any streaky marks all over my face, and to my surprise after wearing it for a fair few hours when I took it off it left my lips feeling super soft and not dry in the slightest which I also find some lipsticks tend to dry out my lips.

So that’s my thoughts on this little rouge edition lipstick! Let me know your thoughts!

Are you more of a matte or a gloss kinda person? I know I’m most definitely matte!

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Treasure Life’s Beauty,

Laurie x







Makeup Forever or Never?? – First Impressions

Hello beauties!

So a few weeks ago I thought I would spice up my makeup bag with a new product, I’ve been meaning to get my hands on a new foundation for ages but with all the moving around the city and filming it took a whole lot longer than it needed to be. Finally I got some time to myself and headed to my new favourite place… Sephora!

I wandered around and around the store not really sure of which foundation to choose, there were so many products – eventually I ended up over in the makeup forever section where I saw the Makeup Forever ULTA HD Invisible Cover Stick Foundation! – Pricing at $43 – I was mesmerised by it as I’ve only ever been a liquid foundation or powder kinda gal. I went and got my skin-colour matched, to which the foundation was the exact colour of my skin, which unfortunately washed out my face and made me look like a ghost so I decided to go with a shade darker, so in the end I ended up with the shade    120 = Y245!



Now I’m going to talk a little more about the product itself… this foundation is like nothing I have ever experienced before,  to begin with when I was first using the product I was really enjoying it, it was something new, something exciting! The product seemed to glide onto the skin flawlessly and the best part you only have to use a tiny amount of it, and it would cover your entire face and it would blend perfectly. Another bonus about this foundation is that it’s very buildable, so if you want a medium coverage just apply one basic layer of the foundation, but if you’re going for more of a full coverage look then most definitely apply more little circles of the product onto you skin, in the main areas you feel like you need more coverage and take your handy beauty blender and blend your troubles away!

Another thing I loved about this product was it’s dewiness (is that even a word?) when applying the product, it feels like velvet BUT when the product dries it looks very matte like which I love.

However, I am a dry skin sufferer so I thought that this product would be fine for me, but it proved that after a week or so of using this product it seemed to dry my skin out even more. Causing me to have to buy some emergency products to help hydrate my skin. So I would suggest if you were looking into this product bare in mind that it may dry out your skin a little.

However number 2, after my skin was back to itself (slightly more hydrated than normal) when I went back to use the product I found that I then had the opposite problem and I found that it made my skin super oily and the product wasn’t really lasting long on my face at all. In fact throughout the day my foundation would get all patchy and when I tried to fix it by blending it again, it just completely removed the product. So I think that if you have really oily skin maybe this isn’t a product for you, but if you have dry skin just make sure that you’re allowing your skin to have a little break to avoid drying it out.

The great thing about having this product in a stick format is that it is a lot less messier than your average liquid foundation. Have you ever had a foundation explode in your makeup bag? It sucks doesn’t it. But with the stick it is so much less unlikely to explode like that and leave the entire contense of your makeup bag destroyed. Also another plus side of having it in a stick is that it lasts FOREVER! Just like it’s name.. Makeup Forever! Since you’re using less product each day it’s obviously going to last a whole lot longer… Which in the long run means saving more pennies for you! Which is great news!

I’m not sure after my experience I will be purchasing this again just because I do have really dry skin and I wouldn’t want my skin to dry out anymore than it already is… and at $43 dollars a stick… that’s not something I particularly want, especially at that price. I’m much more of a drug store kinda gal anyway, so splashing out the cash for this foundation was a newbie thing for me!

Have you ever tried this foundation? What did you think of it? If no, what foundation do you use? Any additional comments, leave them below!

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Treasure Life’s Beauty,

Laurie x