Body butter heaven!!

Hello my loves, Okay first of all I want to apologise for the lack of posting this month. I have recently moved back to the UK and basically I'm just trying to sort everything out, so as you can imagine I have been extremely busy! Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I will find … Continue reading Body butter heaven!!

Final touches, could do with or do without? – Review

Hello my beauties! We all remember the spraying hairspray on your face hack from 2008 right? Sticky, gross mess! But it worked to be fair.. if you could bare the horrific fumes of the over used hairspray haha.. Well, now our prayers have been answered ( a fair few years ago anyway). So, today I've … Continue reading Final touches, could do with or do without? – Review

Makeup Forever or Never?? – First Impressions

Hello beauties! So a few weeks ago I thought I would spice up my makeup bag with a new product, I've been meaning to get my hands on a new foundation for ages but with all the moving around the city and filming it took a whole lot longer than it needed to be. Finally … Continue reading Makeup Forever or Never?? – First Impressions

A silver lining from February’s Empties?!

So this month I have seemed to fly on through loads of my personal favourite products! You know what this means? Another makeup shopping trip is on the cards! I may be saying goodbye to some of my most treasured beauty products but there's always a silver lining... and soon I'll be wishing a warm … Continue reading A silver lining from February’s Empties?!

Fall-ing in Love? – Beauty Review

Hello beauties! Welcome to yet another beauty review! So over the winter time I've really been loving fall colours, dark reds, purples and even golden browns... and I've decided I'm going to spice up my makeup routine with a few of these precious gems. To start with MAC  makeup has always been a part of … Continue reading Fall-ing in Love? – Beauty Review

Another Sweet Sephora Review!

Hello again my lovelies,  This is just another quick little entry as it's been a couple weeks since I started using Sephora's little secret gem! From the sephora collection, the intensive instant moisturiser and cream.And I tell you what this little beauty was such an amazing find! Not only does this product leave my skin feeling silky smooth and amazingly hydrated … Continue reading Another Sweet Sephora Review!

Review time!

Hello my lovelies,  So today I'm going to be talking about my experience using the Sephora range - Green tea exfoliating wipes. This is going to be my honest opinion on the product, and what it was like for me! I hope you're able to read this and make a decision as to whether this is the … Continue reading Review time!